10 Major Benefits of Hosting a Micro Wedding That Couples Don’t Realize at First

A micro wedding may not have been what you planned for your special day, but the Coronavirus outbreak requires you to make changes to your plans. While micro weddings have existed for years, many have not realized the benefits of this celebration type.

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Perhaps you may be feeling disheartened at having to give up on a fairytale wedding; here are some benefits to convince you:

  1. A larger celebration would have been boisterous, noisy, and lots of fun. But a micro wedding will feel utterly intimate and close-knit. You will get to spend time with your special guests.
  2. You will get an elopement like an exciting feeling, even with the presence of people. If you and your spouse love adventure and romance, you will enjoy the atmosphere of a micro wedding.
  3. The limited number of guests will free up plenty of budget, leaving you with extra dollars you never expected.
  4. You can focus on quality rather than quantity. The great food, drinks, and decor you could not afford a bigger celebration will now be possible.
  5. When you realize a micro wedding saves you more cash, you can use it for other dream elements you had given up on. Perhaps an expensive gown, a small weekend getaway at a dream destination, a cruise trip, or the famous photographer you wanted.
  6. A bigger celebration means passing friends and family responsibilities because you had too much to do already. A micro wedding means you become part of every tiny detail, from planning to food to decor to your wardrobe, your playlist, etc.
  7. You will love a micro wedding that will take away a massive chunk of stress from your shoulders. When the celebration is small-scale, you will automatically have more time to relax and enjoy each part without feeling like a nervous wreck. Larger weddings are more stressful for the bride and groom.
  8. With lesser work, you will have a more manageable timeline and more time to revel in your engagement period truly.
  9. A micro wedding will ensure you give maximum attention to the most special people in your life and personally ensure they have a fantastic experience at your wedding. The bigger celebrations would not have allowed you time to check up on your VIP guests but a micro wedding? Well, you will be able to ask them a dozen times if they are enjoying themselves.
  10. Since vendors would be anxious for business right now, even your micro wedding will feel like a dream client. They will ensure your micro wedding has top-notch and personalized service, more creative flexibility, and a very fulfilling experience for all.
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Final Thoughts

Micro weddings are better when it comes to fulfilling all your heart’s desires. You see, bigger celebrations often ask for compromises, even on things you love, just because it couldn’t fit into the budget, your long guest list, the outdoor venue, etc. With a micro wedding, you can customize and personalize as you please. Contact us to make your dream micro wedding come true.

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