Wedding Inspiration

Are you getting married this year? Are you planning your wedding but just not sure what to do? Maybe you’re struggling with choosing what décor to have or where even to have your ceremony? If you need inspiration, you are in luck as we have some great suggestions for your wedding day this year! Sound good? Read on to see if there’s anything that you like.

micro wedding

How To Plan A Micro Wedding At Home

As an Atlanta Micro Wedding Planner, I know firsthand why couples prefer to host an intimate wedding instead of the traditional large, expensive, and stressful gathering. And it is more than saving money; it has to do with how meaningful and intimate the wedding can be. You get to spend quality time with each of your guests, and your guest list only features your nearest and dearest, which makes it even more special.

2021 Wedding Trends

Pandemic or not, love is in the air, and weddings are still very much at large! However, there are specific trends for 2021 that are quite different from what’s been done before! Check out what we have found out below. Delayed celebrations Forget having a wedding and reception on the same day; that kind of …

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Atlanta Micro Wedding

10 Major Benefits of Hosting a Micro Wedding That Couples Don’t Realize at First

A micro wedding may not have been what you planned for your special day, but the Coronavirus outbreak requires you to make changes to your plans. While micro weddings have existed for years, many have not realized the benefits of this celebration type. Perhaps you may be feeling disheartened at having to give up on …

10 Major Benefits of Hosting a Micro Wedding That Couples Don’t Realize at First Read More »

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